Congresses Organization

Experts in organization of congresses in Spain.

Congresses are meetings, mostly periodic, in which, for one or several days, a multitude of people from different geographical locations who are part of the same professional sector meet to attend conferences or lectures of various formats related to their employment.

The organization of this type of events can sometimes be a bit arduous, as it requires great attention to detail in order to avoid any type of mishap. That is why it is essential to work with professionals to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Bluemice has years of experience in organizing conferences and conventions in Madrid and anywhere in Spain. We are specialized in congresses of all types: medical congresses, cultural congresses, academic congresses, technological congresses, scientific congresses and many more.

Campaña de congresos Bluemice

Benefits of organizing congresses in Spain.

Some of the objectives that we can consider when organizing a congress are: to give visibility to our brand, to spread knowledge, to form relationships thanks to networking, to obtain funding, etc.

Organizing a congress in Spain, more specifically in Madrid, will not only help you achieve these goals, but will also boost your profits and broaden your horizons.

Organizing a congress step by step.

From the beginning, we participate hand-in-hand with the client in the creative idea of the event, helping them in all their needs. Apart from taking care of the design of the event, polishing the creative idea, we also take care of the entire production area, performing tasks such as finding the ideal venue or venues for the event, equipping the space with all the necessary audiovisual equipment, coverage of the event with the presence of the required staff, such as hostesses or camera operators, design and production of corporate material for the client, making press calls, if required, design and production of credentials, management of attendance at the event and so on.

In addition, we produce and design in a personalized way any kind of merchandising for the congress guests, offering them the most original and useful details.

Another fundamental aspect within the production of the event is the catering. Depending on the type of congress and its duration, you will have one catering option or another, being able to offer a multitude of choices such as a coffee break, a Spanish wine, a gala dinner, a finger buffet lunch and a wide variety of other types.

Thus, we participate and elaborate the entire congress in the way that best suits each client. Organizing events of this type is not an easy task, that is why we provide you with all the possible facilities to take care of your project from the beginning to the end.

Campaña de congresos Bluemice

Online congress communication.

Another of our functions is to provide the client and the congress attendees with all the information they will need later on. One of the most effective ways to do this is online.

For this, we can create a customized online platform for the event, through which those interested can find relevant details such as the place of the congress, the date, the schedule, the panels they can enjoy, the speakers who will attend and information about them, the agenda of the congress and so on.

Another very important online action is the creation of content (both images and different types of audiovisual pieces) to share on the client's social networks, providing greater visibility to the congress and even achieving some kind of media impact.

In addition, having an online registration of the guests at the congress prior to the event, once the event is over, we can send them through their emails different materials or exclusive content of the event, among other things.

On the other hand, if the event takes place entirely in streaming or in a hybrid way, we can manage it in the same way without any kind of impediment, so that the attendees can also enjoy it from their homes.

Accommodation search and logistics management for congress attendees and guests.

Bluemice also takes care of finding the best accommodation for speakers and conference attendees, if required, making all the arrangements so that guests only have to worry about enjoying and comfort.

In addition, we also take care of the transfers of all attendees to the place or city where the event will take place, saving them some time.

Experience in congresses.

With several years of experience behind our backs, we are able to develop all kinds of congresses, conferences or conventions, with the main objective of providing tranquility, comfort and facilities to our customers.